While there are four different speed enemy droids you lose the fastest speed under ID control.
Fastest droids, I rarely use anything but these for longer time:
(001,) 247, 302, 476, 493, 615, 821, 834, 999
Slowest droids, I tend to avoid these except in emergency:
123, 296, 420, 614, 629, 883
Life expectancy: Full health 001 lasts over five minutes, class 1-4 droids 2:40, class 5-8 1:20 and 999 0:40. Don't get greedy, you have only ten seconds left with class 5-8 droid when it begins flashing, 30 seconds more with the 001. If you are controlling 999 on an empty deck... I'm sorry.
001Transfer to the next possible droid. Now. That's kind of extra life.
123Not worth grabbing unless you're 001.
139Only slightly better.
247Worth getting if you don't control fast droid already.
249Three legs is slower than none.
296"Shaken, not stirred." Nayh, it's best exploded.
302Fast droid to hunt down those remainding low class droids.
329Relatively fast, get one if there are no 302s around.
420Disruptor proofness doesn't help you get out of tight spots any faster.
476My preferred droid for finishing easier decks after 711/742 runs out of juice. Fast, armed, and has low decay rate.
493Fast but unarmed.
516Useless except for gaining more transfer points.
598One more.
614Cannon fodder.
615If this one had lower decay rate I'd prefer it to 476, but...
629Big gun but slowness gets you killed.
711Disruptor is the way to get alert high fast. Watch out for 821 though.
742Bigger of the disruptor brothers. Kills 420 with one less bump in case you need to destroy one.
751"The most powerful battle units ever built." If that's true humans aren't doing too well.
821Choice for gunslinger. Fast, slick and deadly. As a bonus it's disruptor proof.
834Fast but underpowered.
883Slow and underpowered. Transfer to next droid you meet. Has nice exterminator tho... not!
999THE droid to have - for 40 seconds...
My strategy: